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When we let the goals and measures of success override our investment in our people, team members perceive themselves as a means to an end, a product to be consumed, to achieve some stated objective, not the objective itself. Inside Out Leadership Influence isn’t based on how many people join your team. It’s based on the level of depth you share with each person . Having devoted team members is the result of developing strong personal relationships. Move the Needle takes leaders on an in depth look at why we must prioritize people over procedures for greater results.

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Move the Needle: How Inside Out Leaders Influence Organizational Culture

  • Part I: Purpose Principles

    • Influence that Matters

    • Purpose that Compels Action

    • You Do What You Value

    • Simplicity that Ensures Outcomes

  • Part II: People Principles

    • People Before Things

    • Serving: Leadership that Empowers

    • Influence that Inspires

  • Part III: Process Principles

    • Efficiency through Effectiveness

    • Time: Prioritizing the Important

    • Leaving a Legacy

About Robb

Robb Holman is the CEO of global leadership consultancy, Holman International, and the bestselling author of two leadership books, Lead the Way and All In. His highly-anticipated follow-up, Move the Needle has been endorsed by some of the top leadership experts of our time.

Robb’s Inside Out Leadership philosophy has been featured in publications like Inc, Forbes, and Fast Company, and his podcast features interviews with influential leaders who are moving the needle in their industry. The Inside Out Leadership Academy offers students the opportunity to learn and engage with these life-changing leadership principles directly.

Robb’s keynote speaking engagements have allowed him to reach into the hearts of leaders around the world. His passionate talks lead the way from burnout and emptiness to fulfillment and success, exploring how an individual’s innate purpose is worth so much more than the money they earn or the business results they achieve. Robb’s dynamic teaching style, authentic engagement, and thought-provoking content has made him a sought-after global keynote speaker.

Robb currently lives in West Chester, PA with his wife, Karen, and their three children, RJ, Kayla, and Zach.


  • Prioritizing people over things is a simple enough concept, but few organizations are really practicing it. Move the Needle is a timely reminder of why leaders need to put their personal purpose and their team above external results.

    Marshall Goldsmith
    Thinkers 50 #1 Executive Coach and Only Two-time #1 Leadership Thinker in the World
  • Robb Holman takes readers on an engaging journey to learn how influence and leadership actually work. His Inside Out approach is rooted in wisdom, authenticity, and years of lived experience as a business leader and entrepreneur.

    Cy Wakeman
    NY Times Bestselling Author & Global Thought Leader
  • This book was a great reminder of how acting from purpose is far more effective than acting from fear or the pressure to perform. Robb tells profound stories that demonstrate how personal conviction changes the game.

    Howard Behar
    President of Starbucks, Retired
  • Having purposeful leadership is essential for any organization's culture. This book gives practical steps to show teams how to lead from the inside out. Robb shares heart-servant leadership principles that every leader should learn to move the needle for peak performance in their team's development.

    Jasmine Romaine
    Transformation Strategist, Global Woman Award Honoree and Bestselling author of Speak to Profit: Speak with Confidence and Jazz Up Your Sales
  • A brilliant follow-up to All In, this book provides grounded principles and concrete examples of how leading from the inside out can transform your organization's culture and reignite productivity. Robb's practical, heartfelt advice shows how simple actions yield massive results.

    Marcel Schwantes
    Highly-Acclaimed Leadership Coach, Syndicated Business Columnist and Host of the Love in Action Podcast
  • Move the Needle guides us not only how to run a successful organization, but how to leave a potent legacy of your work in the process. Whether you're a leader with a title or a leader in spirit you will learn from this book

    Ellen Rogin
    Author of the NY Times Bestseller Picture Your Prosperity.

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